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Dullahan Under the Willows

Bleh, being sick sucks

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I haven't been on as much as I was since I've been sick - got some kind of upper respiratory bug that I can't shake. Whenever I get those, it seems to last forever. :P Oh well.

I see Minecraft as a whole has had stability issues lately, so I guess I haven't missed too much.

Not sure when I will be on regularly again, hopefully soon.
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  1. Foxy's Avatar
    I don't think we've ever talked before on the server but I hope you feel better soon!
  2. J_and_E's Avatar
    Hope you feel better person I don't really know XD :P
  3. SteenberGaming's Avatar
    I hope you get better soon Seki
  4. terilynn's Avatar
    Feel better soon. Hope to see you back online
  5. Sybarex's Avatar
    Thanks everyone. I'm doing better enough today to be on my desktop PC, so feel free to say hi.