Why Should you pick Vox Populi?

We, just like you, enjoy playing Minecraft with other players. So we strive to focus on providing our players with the most enjoyable Multi-player Minecraft experience possible. We have a lot of experience playing the game, and even more experience playing on other servers, so we know what players want, love and hate.


1.6.1 Horse Update

- We have updated to 1.6! Keep in mind that updates like these have major effects on plugins, so there will be bugs to deal with. - Added a new...

Vox Populi Texture Pack (Updated 12/19/13) (Christmas Edition!)

  Now that we have had time to settle in, I have finally had time to release a little pet project of mine that I have worked on for some...

Map Changeover!

The time has finally come! We will be officially switching maps to our all new, completely custom and fantastical Terrain Control map. It will be massive, entirely unique and funner...

Vox Populi Pipeline Part 2

The Vox Populi pipeline is a multi part blog that aims at informing everyone on the future developments for the server, as well as expressing the thought process behind past,...

Happy New Year!

2013 starts now! And what a great year for Vox Populi it has been. Lots of great memories, and even more fun than the year before. Several pictures from the...

1.4 Halloween Update!

The Pretty Scary Update brings with it a namesake amount of changes and additions, including a Wither Boss, Witch creature, direct access to server mods, anvils for repairing and combining items, and...

Voice of the people!

Vox Populi is latin for Voice of the people. That means that everyone, including you, yes you who is reading this very post, are allowed and encouraged to voice your...

1.3, The Game Plan

The main server is still 1.2.5, if you are getting the Outdatted server error, switch to 1.2.5 OR go to the 1.3 server. realmsofminecraft.dydns.org:25566 Now that we got that out...


So, if you have been on the server at any time in the last few weeks, you will know that we have been testing a new mechanic for the server,...

Server update to 1.2!

We officially updated to 1.2! It was a fast move, I didn’t expect Bukkit to get updated so quickly. Several of our bigger plugins aren’t updated yet, so we need...

New Epic Video Trailer!

The wait is finally over, feast your eyes on the final version of our new server trailer! Tell as many people about it as you can. If you have a...

New CTP Arena!

Well, its taken a lot of work, sweat and tears but… We finally rolled out in full, our new Capture the Points arena. Type “/ctp join” to jump to the...

New Donor Packages!

You wanted them, we delivered. There are now lots more little packages for donors. The items range from enchanted items, enchanted armor, currency packages and building materials. Take the following...

New Website Design

The site has gone through an obvious re-design. Let us know what you think. It’s a lot cleaner, a lot sleaker, and allows for a LOT more features that we...

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As much as possible we keep RANKS BALANCED meaning that there are no overpowered ranks that make players unkillable or ruin PvP mechanics.

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All donations recieved are used to pay for the server, our web hosting, advertisements, voice, and staff.

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Vox Populi 24/7 - Vampires - Werewolves - Dungeons -Economy - Magic - PvP - PvE - RPG - Global Market , and more!


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What makes Vox Populi the choice over other servers?

Ore Obfuscation

You might be familiar with players that exploit or “x-ray” to find diamond ore or dungeon chests etc. To counteract this, we have a plugin that handles ore to client obfuscation, making it impossible to locate diamonds, other ore, or hidden chests.Additionally, tricks that these exploiters use like downloading the map, or re-creating the world using it’s seed also do not work.

Diamonds are rare

Diamond ore has been reduced by over 70%. Diamonds are no doubt a fun carrot on a stick for most players. Finding, collecting, and using them is a big part of the core experience of minecraft. However, diamonds in Minecraft without modification are fairly common once you get used to hunting them. So we made the choice to drastically reduce them from the world.

Donor items are made available in-game

Though we do have cool enchanted items and armor that definitely give donors and edge in PvP. We decided that we would make all Donor items available in game in trade for diamonds. We provide several vendors in game that allow you to, at your convenience, trade diamonds for donor items, effectively giving players unable to donate, access to the same awesome items that donors have.

PvP balance

Lots of time has been invested into PvP balance. We have systems to prevent Ender pearl and Golden apple abuse. Systems to prevent Teleport killing and harassment, and fun spells to totally shake up PvP balance. Diamond armor inhibits damage and spells which makes it a choice versus a wear to win model. Players that log out in combat instantly die and their items are distributed.

Market balance

Playing an economy is a lot of fun if it’s done right. Currency on Vox Populi is called Voxels. Voxels represent the value of gold. 1 Gold nugget is 1 voxel. 1 Gold Ingot is 9 Voxels etc.. Currency is physical, and not an infinitely imaginary number. Admin shops are overpriced, giving players the chance to undercut and be competitive.

convenient ticket system

If for some reason you run into an issue not prevented by our systems, you can leave us a ticket describing your issue. Your location is logged when the ticket is created often allowing us to take care of grief without you even needing to be online. Any sort of issue you may have, we are happy to take care of, just send a ticket in and we will take care of it as soon as possible.

Videos and Stats

Sanctum of Nightmares

Take a sneak peak at the new Hallow's Eve dungeon: The Sanctum of Nightmares.

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The Hive

Dungeon Showcase: The Hive | Vox Populi - Minecraft Server


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